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Presentation of e-UMT vision at the University of Medicine Tirana
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Presentation of e-UMT vision at the University of Medicine Tirana

ARK IT presented e-UMT in front of a wide panel of academic and administrative members in the University of Medicine Tirana. The goal of e-UMT is to establish an evolving and realtime-measurable paradigm shift, towards Quality in Albanian Higher Education and beyond. Development of a quality culture that is embraced by all Stakeholders. Increase of Resources to support Learning & Teaching, Research & innovation, Management & Governance. Support mutual trust, thus facilitating recognition and mobility within and across national borders.
IISG Training – workshop on IISG Secure Database, Belgrade, Serbia, 26-27 October 2021
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IISG Training – workshop on IISG Secure Database, Belgrade, Serbia, 26-27 October 2021

ARK IT team participated as coach in the IISG Training – workshop on IISG Secure Database, organised by IISG Secretariat in Belgrade, Serbia, during 26-27 October 2021. This training concludes the implementation of IISG-D platform implemented by ARK IT which will serve WB6 Partners to collect up-to-date data regarding regional projects and activities.
Implementation of EasyWeb LMS at the University of Medicine Tirana
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Implementation of EasyWeb LMS at the University of Medicine Tirana

ARK IT, in solidarity with the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, implemented in record time the EasyWEb LMS platform for the Medical University of Tirana. This platform enabled the university to perform and manage the entire teaching process in the conditions of total impossibility to use the auditoriums. Also, in close cooperation with the university management staff, the platform was adapted very quickly to the specifics of the university, enabling the execution of all processes within the platform, both by academic staff, students and administrative staff.

Since year 2000 We serve and go along with our Partners and Clients on their road of digital transformation...


EasyWeb LMS is a web-based Learning Management System generated out of the EasyWeb Conceptual and Implementation Framework. It is a collection and integration of modules & services from EasyWeb Catalog itself or other third-party providers, federated in a unified user working place.

"Just the right balance between online learning and traditional learning."

EasyNet is generated on top of the EasyWeb "BaseLine" Product. It is a collection of software modules, tools, and services, developed from Ark IT or other vendors. All these components, integrated together form an Information System which provides a working, communication, and collaboration environment for closed user groups.

"...from social community culture to proffesional community and networking..."

EasyWeb IMS (Information Management System) is a generic application profile product. It can be configured to behave as a Content, Document, Knowledge, or Case Management System. In this context, it provides primarily information creation & storage, Authorization & Security, Workflow, versioning, metadata, as well as indexing, distribution and retrieval capabilities in an integrated environment.

"...the today challenge is not about finding the information..., it is about finding the relevant one..."

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Age to Age with new Millennium...
Founded in year 2000, ARK IT is growing with the new Millenium digital Challanges, preserving and accumulating its experience in close collaboration with its Partners and direct or indirect Customers. 
"Aging without Retirement" drives the preservation of experience and maturity, along with accuisition of "young" resources, assuring the knowledge transferr and accumulation of values. 
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Ecce Medical Ltd, United Kindom - eccElearning Platform - 2015 - ON
Geoffrey Andrews, BSc, MBA, PhD, FIMMM

... We relied entirely on [ARK IT / Mediscope] to provide the platform infrastructure to host our programme, and very significantly to challenge and provide solutions to both our specific pedagogy and commercialisation strategy. [ARK IT/Mediscope] have continued to be a reliable and stimulating partner as our programme and customer base has grown and have proven themselves to be a global leader in online-education IT infrastructure provision in the medical field...

EUROPEAN CONSULTANTS ORGANIZATION, Management Information System (MIS) Albania, 2006

We have noticed a high level of quality and professionalism while working with ARK IT. Their expertise and hardworking capabilities has leaded the project toward a successful implementation

Proxena Consulting, Web application for the Internet and intranet site of ZGPP (Zurich Association of Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists), 2003, Switzerland
Jurgen Schilling

The development was done in very high quality and the customer is also very pleased about the application and already recommended us to another medical association.

USAID Albania - East-West Management Institute, 2002 - 2003, Case Management Information System for Tirana District Court
Wlliam H. Kennedy

High level of quality and professionalism. The customer follow-up and service provided by ARK IT Tirana for both projects was excellent.

Bank of Albania, Web content management system for the Internet and Intranet site of Bank of Albania , 2004, Albania
Sokol Qeraxhiu

We like to mention that the development was done in a very professional manner and that the collaboration withARK IT was very successful.

CMS for Intranet, Deloitte & Touche, 2003, Albania
Maksim Caslli

ARK IT has shown a high level of professionalism and correctness in the projects we have developed.

Court Administration System, Gjykata e Rrethit Gjyqësor Tiranë , 2006, Tiranë Albania
Sokol Çomo

I want to emphasize the readiness and seriousness of ARK IT to solve in a record time all the problems by making quite significant improvements to the system.

Court Administration System, Gjykata e Rrethit Gjyqësor Fier, 2005, Fier Albania
Armando Subashi

We appreciate the work of ARK IT for the immediate adaptation of the system with legal changes, ensuring the continuity without interruption of work.

Court Administration System, Vlora Judicial District Court, 2005, Vlora Albania
Artur Malaj

I express my appreciation for this information system that allows us to offer a more productive and transparent work to the public.


Using EasyWeb conceptual Framework, in collaboration with Domain Experts, and covering the role of Business Analyst and System Analyst, Ark IT provides Inception and Elaboration services (Inception & Elaboration phases of an Information System Development Cycle).
Ark IT provides software development services based in EasyWeb Implementation Framework and using RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Agile Practices. Software development services are performed in close collaboration with other IT Operations enabling continuous delivery and short "Baseline Information System", "System component" (service, module, feature, etc.) development life cycle.
Cloud Managed Service consists on providing to our customers an excellent service in terms of cloud infrastructure building and management, which incorporates the excellent experience of our infrastructure and DevOps engineers. This service is offered in three options, always using same quality and security standards.
The concerns about information security and data privacy pose an increasing priority in a world of digital transformation at an accelerating pace, with application of Information Systems covering continuosly all aspects of the business.
Ark It Team, faces these concerns and has created a significant experience in delivering security and privacy services.
ArkIT, over the years, has improved its skills producing and integrating any kind of content that modern browsers can handle and we can advise our clients on the best solutions for exposing their products, data and ideas.
Here at Ark IT we have a team of professional System Administrators providing a premium quality managed service. This team, with great technology expertise, is responsible for the management of the hardware and software systems in Ark IT infrastructure or in customer’s on premise infrastructure through remote system administration.