ARK History

ARK History

The roots of Ark IT start in the Year 2000. The precursor of ARK IT, Ark Management in Tirana, was founded in the year 2000 as a sister representative company of Ark Management AG in Switzerland. The years 2000-2002 are the years that shaped and consolidated the company financially, administratively and technically, initially closely working together with sister companies in Switzerland (Ark Management Ag, Mediscope Ag, and Sangit Communications Ag), and subsequently extending the IT services in Albanian market and Swiss market, incrementally, in an independent way.

The needs for a generic conceptual thinking, reusability, and disciplined development process emerged immediately during the early work in different Information System projects, with overlapping concepts and requirements. In these circumstances, EasyWeb Conceptual and Implementation Framework rised as an organic response to the dynamic of the business, reflecting the best practises of the time. The Swiss and Albanian teams in charge, worked together not only to develop the EasyWeb Framework, but also to provide the respective guidelines and working environment. Application of EasyWeb framework(s) gave rise to a "Baseline"-Product for any Information System, as an initial starting point to be extended with specifics of a particular project. 

In the Year 2002, Ark IT emerged as a "spin-off " from Ark Management, inheriting all the technical resources of precursor sister, but under new local management and focusing completely in the web-based Information System development. In collaboration with Mediscope AG, ARK IT continues to further develop the EasyWeb Framework, keeping it up to date, reflecting technology trends and modern best practises. 

During all the subsequent years, ARK IT consolidated its profile and experience in providing Information System Solutions, Consulting, and Support to its national and international customers, in different Application Domains. More than 2000 organizations in Europe, currently, profit from ARK IT services, or use of EasyWeb Framework, directly with ARK IT, or through its partner business and solution Integrators. In between, to mention Vodafone Albania & Vodafone Group, Medical Primary care networks in Switzerland, National Bank of Albania, Judiciary System in Moldova,  etc.

ARK IT worked in various domain applications where Information Systems for Learning and Education play a majority part. ARK IT experience encompasses application in medical, legal, insurance and financial domain with learning and education being a strong component of such applications. Interfacing with different Knowledge Base Centers is a good part of this experience. It includes interfaces with Medline, Ovid, Uptodate (Wolter Kluwer), WorldCat, Springer, Thieme, Legislation Databases, etc.

The ARK IT staff of 20 professionals is highly educated staff in computer science and information systems, with national and international education, with national and international experience. The core senior staff of ARK IT includes 8 professionals with more than 20 years experience of working together. ARK IT invests continuously in new staff and knowledge transfer in order to follow the trends of technology and to keep upgraded and stable the current and new applications, maintaining the customer satisfaction.

ARK IT Partnership program enables application and extension of ARK IT Easyweb framework and ARK IT services in different domains and in different countries. ARK IT partners serve as business integrators, system integrators, or supporting infrastructure partners. To mention here as Business & System Integrator Partners: Mediscope Ag & Medhow GmbH in Switzerland,  E-Medical ltd in UK, DT & Tetra in Albania, etc.