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Learning & Education

Description and Products

The main product in the “Learning and Education” domain is the EasyWeb LMS (Learning Management System).

EasyWeb LMS is a web-based Learning Management System created out of the EasyWeb Conceptual and Implementation Framework as a collection of modules, services, and integration of other EasyWeb products or third-party software.  EasyWeb LMS is easy adoptable to any organization to cover the education and knowledge transfer needs.

EasyWeb LMS enables the flexibility of adaption in learning side, as well in authoring, teaching, and management side. It is flexible and robust to support configuration and change management following any business change and trend.

The basic EasyWeb LMS consists in six main Layers:

  • EasyWeb Back Office – enabling the Education Experts and IT Analyst Team to configure and deploy the LMS, based in the Organization needs.
  • EasyWeb Teaching FrontEnd – Enabling Authors and Teachers to provide their learning material and teaching activities including interactions with colleagues, learning participants, and management. Basic performance and progress indicators, in different teaching aggregation levels, are available.
  • EasyWeb Learning FrontEnd – Enabling learning participants to perform their learning activities and interactions. Basic performance and progress indicators, in different learning aggregation levels, are available.
  • EasyWeb Administration FrontEnd – Enabling the organization management team, in different levels, to perform administration activities, to define policies, guidelines, to control & monitor performance, and progress, and as well to perform change management. Basic performance and progress indicators, in different organization aggregation levels, are available
  • EasyWeb QM FrontEnd – It enables the education experts in collaboration with the organization Stakeholders to define the education performance indicators and their measures.
  • Syndication and integration Services – This part enables the possibility to integrate with other software systems, including other EasyWeb based products and third-party software.
EasyWeb LMS in short:

In short, EasyWeb LMS is an Information System which supports a disciplined approach of tasks assignments and responsibilities within the educational organization and involved stakeholders. Its final goal is to enable the provision of measurable high-quality teaching and learning environment that evolves coherently to meet the needs of its end users, supporting the Educational Institution in realising its own mission.

Based in the Configuration, Components, Services and other software it integrates, EasyWeb LMS has achieved maturity in three typical application profiles:

Application Profiles

EasyWeb LMS - Self paced learning

This is a version of EasyWeb – LMS, which enables an organization to deploy and to support self-paced training and learning. Self-paced learning means to learn in your own time and schedule. It allows the participants to apply their learning style and habits. This implementation is ideal for continuous training and education in every domain, including pure educational organization, and any organization in need of training and knowledge transfer.

EasyWeb LMS - Scheduled learning
This is a version of EasyWeb – LMS which sources from traditional learning experience, enabling the provision of online benefits. The organization itself can define the balance between the tradition and “modern”, even enabling self paced learning when relevant. This is ideal for pure educational organization which adopt to modern area incrementally, changing the education provision and culture.

EasyWeb LMS - Employee and Member Training
Knowledge transfer and training of employees, members, or collaborators is a must, not only for a creative and a productive workforce, but also for compliance against regulations and policies within the organization working environment (internally and externally). In this version, EasyWeb LMS addresses these cases by enabling modules, services, integrations, and features as appropriate.
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Alban Ruci

Domain: Learning & Education