Information & Case Management

Information & Case Management

Description and Products

EasyWeb IMS (Information Management System) is the main product in the category of Information Management. Based in the type and source of information, application domain, information granularity, information authorization, life-cycle, workflow, responsible authoring, audience, format, etc, EasyWeb IMS can be configured to behave, and to be used as a Content, Document, Knowledge, or Case Management System. In this context, it provides primarily information creation & storage, Authorization & Security, Workflow, versioning, metadata, as well as indexing, distribution and retrieval capabilities in an integrated working environment.

As any other product of Ark IT, it is a Web-based Information Management System created out of the EasyWeb Conceptual and Implementation Framework as a collection of relevant modules, services, and integrates third-party tools or software. 

EasyWeb IMS is easy adoptable to any organization to cover the Information integration and management needs.

EasyWeb IMS enables the flexibility for adoption and structuring of the Information Items (Metadata and Data) and their granularity. It supports the flexibility and adoption to responsible organization side, as well the target audience, and management side. It is flexible to define and configure centralized or decentralized workflows. It is flexible and robust to support configuration and change management following any business change and trend.

The basic EasyWeb IMS consists in six main parts:

  • EasyWeb Back Office – enabling the specific Domain Experts and IT Analyst Team to configure and deploy the IMS, based in the specific Organization domain and needs. It includes definition and configuration of information itself and all the related Organizational Roles, Groups & Users, and related Workflows. Definition of Information Metadata and corresponding MetaRegistries are of particular importance.
  • EasyWeb Public FrontEnd – Enabling the specific Organization to provide their public information and activities including interactions with existing or potential public Stakeholders.
  • EasyWeb Intranet FrontEnd – Enabling the specific Organization to provide its internal information and activities including internal interactions, communication, and collaboration. The concepts of Workgroups and WorkZones, Responsible Organization and Target Audience, enable the authorization and information segmentation, as appropriate for the specific organization and business objective. Personalization features allow an independent organization of work and information, in user level, group level or suborganization level. Basic performance and progress indicators, in different aggregation levels and projections, support the transparency and decision making in the most appropriate way.
  • EasyWeb Administration FrontEnd – Enabling the organization management team, in different levels, to perform administration activities, to define policies, guidelines, to control & monitor performance, and progress, and as well to perform change management. Basic performance and progress indicators, in different organization aggregation levels, are available as well.
  • EasyWeb Quality Management FrontEnd – It enables the organization experts in collaboration with the organization Stakeholders to define the performance indicators and the measurig methodology.
  • Syndication and integration Services – This part enables the possibility to integrate with other software systems, including other EasyWeb based products and thirdparty software.

EasyWeb IMS in short:

In short, EasyWeb IMS is an Information System which supports a disciplined approach of tasks assignments and responsibilities within the organization and involved stakeholders about information creation & storage, authorization & Security, versioning, metadata & Indexing, distribution and retrieval capabilities, etc. Its final goal is to enable the provision of high-quality information and integrated working environment that evolves coherently to meet the needs of the Business & Organization Strategy.

Based in the Configuration, Components, Services and other software it integrates, EasyWeb LMS has achieved maturity in three typical application profiles:

Application Profiles

EasyWeb CMS: Case Management System

This is a version of EasyWeb – IMS, which enables the responsible subject to organize "in-, during-, and out- information" in the form of Cases, where a Case is an aggregation of different types of information with different stakeholder authorization privileges within and accros the Cases. A case also has a life time which encompasses all activities, events, notifications, progress, states, and contributions compliant with a predefined procedure which drives the case workflow. I addition EasyWeb CMS streamlines intake, case tracking and reporting in different aggregation levels. It consolidates all case information into a central repository to provide a single source of "up-to-date & state-based" information on ongoing cases. It also provides a metrics space to evaluate performance in different projection level, enabling support for decision making, including risk management and prevention.

EasyWeb KMS: Knowledge Management System
The profiling of EasyWeb IMS as a Knowledge Management System enables the targeted organization to define and organize the information in the form of accumulated and transferable knowledge. Flexible definition of responsible organization, authoring roles and their activities addresses the needs for a disiplinned approach in creating, storing, and accumulating knowledge. Metadata, granularity structure, classifications, controlled vocabularies, indexing, etc facilitate authoring but at the same time enable the easy and "in context" retrivial of knowledge. Flexible definition of target audience enables extension of knowledge base from within organization stakeholders, across external users or customers. EasyWeb KMS targets the improve of understanding, collaboration, knowledge transferr, and business process algnment within and across targeted organization.

EasyWeb DMS: Document Management System
EasyWeb DMS inherits all the features of IMS and its application profiles. It reflects a management solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of information, but in the form of electronic unstructured documents. As such, it compensates for the granularity of the structure, using automatic information extraction, indexing, annotations, and classifications.
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Alban Hasa

Domain: Information & Case Management