Development & Integration Service

Development & Integration Service for Infomation Systems

Ark IT provides software development services based in EasyWeb Implementation Framework and using RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Agile Practices. Software development services are performed in close collaboration with other IT Operations enabling continuous delivery and short "Baseline Information System", "System component" (service, module, feature, etc.) development life cycle.

Software development services are performed through a CI/CD model, by introducing the best practices in order to provide fast development and deployment, but in the same time to ensure compliancy with the quality and security standards. This enables continuous delivery in short development life cycle for "Baseline Information System" improvements and  domain or case specific "System components" (service, module, feature, etc.) development as well.

The Ark IT development Service Include:

1. Baseline product upgrades for continual Improvement of current running Information Systems

The Baseline Products upgrades go through evolution cycles, creating a new generation of IS product. Evolution cycles are triggered by users- experience monitoring, user-suggested enhancements, changes in the targeted organization or user context, changes in the underlying technologies, reaction to the competition, and so on. Evolution cycles are supported typically by much shorter Inception and Elaboration services, since the Baseline Products are outputs of the same conceptual an implementation framework. such that the basic product definition and architecture are already determined. Exceptions to this rule are evolution cycles in which a significant product or architectural redefinition occurs, due to underlying technology changes.

The main objective of this service is to have a reliable, generic, scalable, easy to use, robust, and flexible to change baseline product for implementation of Information System titing to Organization needs.

2. Specific software development service to be integrated in the Baseline Product 

This service is provided only in case of EasyWeb IS  products use. It is performed any time that an organisation specific service or feature is required, or as well when an integration with current organization s) or with third party software is needed. It is a continuity of Inception & Elaboration Service, providing the next generation of the Information System on top of Deployed Baseline Product. 

The main objective of this service is on completing the targeted Organisation Information System, extending the deployed baselined EasyWeb Product. The emphasis is placed on managing resources and controlling operations to optimize costs, schedules, and quality. In this sense the management mindset undergoes a transition from the definitions and requirements during inception and elaboration, to the deployment of a final IS product in the context of targeted Organization.

The essential tasks to be performed during this service are:

  • Resource management, control and process optimization 
  • Complete component/service development and testing against the defined evaluation criteria 
  • Assessment of extended baseline product release against the predefined acceptance criteria




EasyWeb Iteration Cycle

Iterative Maturation as a conceptual and implementation Framework